Aprons Unlimited Uses

When I’m in the farmers market I often hear from people passing my stall that they don’t cook so they don’t need an apron. If I had a nickle everytime I heard this, I would have more loot than the current Powerball jackpot. Really…? Such limited thinking about one of the most universal garments on the planet.

Aprons are universal historically, culturally and are gender neutral. Simply put, any person  can wear an apron to do any job requiring coverage. Think about it. There are references to Hebrew priests wearing aprons in the Bible. Bejeweled aprons that, I might add, were embellished with precious stones representing high energy vibrations. These were worn by men and they weren’t cooking or cleaning! One example down.

Blacksmiths then and now wear heavy canvas or leather aprons as they forge metals into working shapes and structures. These boys ain’t cooking….well they are if you consider the heat factor in the process. I have seen pictures of some pretty sexy men wearing aprons. Certainly made my temeperature rise. Another example of apron use outside the realm of household usage.

I think outside the box when creating aprons and incorrectly assumed others would also…. well, I was wrong. I hear the statement over and over again, I don’t cook; I don’t need an apron. Such a limited attitude. I used to wear a cobbler apron when I taught class and if I didn’t have one on; the kids would ask “Where’s your smock?’ What?!?!?! Kids…gotta love them because youth gives them a leg up on thinking outside the box!!! I am holding on their fresh perspective and energetic thinking because it was a gift. A pretty special one in my opinion.