Shipping, Payments, & Returns

What are the shipping charges for orders from Vintage Flavor Aprons?
Total Shipping Charge
$50.00 and under $6.95
$50.01 - $100.00 $9.95
$100.01- $150.00 $12.95
$150.01 - $200.00 $14.95
Over $200.00 $16.95
For orders to Alaska, Hawaii or international please, kindly use the contact form on this page for a shipping quote. Thank you.
How long will it take to ship my order?
Orders typically ship within 5-7 days after transaction completion with a paper invoice. Priority Mail shipping /5-7 days for First Class Mail shipping/ 1-2 weeks for International First Class Mail Shipping. Please allow time for customs processing. Please be aware of possible longer processing times..
How secure is shopping at Vintage Flavor Aprons? Is my data protected?
Your transactions are protected by Security Socket Layer. Credit card data is stored seperately on PayPal's secure servers.
Which payment methods are accepted at Vintage Flavor Aprons?
We accept credit card and PayPal payments. We use PayPal to process transactions. You do not need a PayPal account to order, all major credit cards are accepted.
Do I receive an invoice for my order?
You will receive a confirmation email after ordering. If you do not see an email, please check your spam folder. We strongly recommend that you create a customer account before or during checkout to monitor your order on our website.
Do you accept returns or exchanges?
We do not accept returns due to the unique quality of the articles created, with the exception of an item being damaged during shipping. If you are not satisfied with the product or require a different size; we will gladly assist you in finding another apron and will cover your shipping costs. This must be done with 14 days of receiving your order. Please keep in mind that the item(s) must be returned in original condition with no signs of wear, heavy perfumes or smoke and have the invoice included with the returned item(s). After 14 days have passed when you received your order, returns or exchanges will not be accepted.
What is your privacy policy?
We value customer privacy. No information provided is shared with any outside parties for promotional purposes.

Aprons: Sizing, Care, etc...

How are your vintage aprons made?
Our aprons are meticulously sewn by hand using old style sewing techniques on vintage sewing machines. Each one is made with 100% durable cotton in florals, plaids, stripes and novelty prints rendering a new spin on an old household garment for protection of clothing. We offer a variety of styles using historic sewing patterns from the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s and 1960s.
What are the aprons made of?
All aprons and trims are made using cotton and cotton blends that can withstand repeated launderings.
How do I care for my vintage styled apron?
Aprons are utility garments designed to protect clothing for maximum life. Basic machine washing and drying is good. Hostess and tea/half aprons can be refreshed by a bit of starching with a steam iron after laundering. Cotton and cotton blend fabrics have proven longevity as aprons.
How to choose the right size or style apron to choose for purchase?
Aprons differed from decade to decade depending on fashion dictates. Careful consideration for gifting purposes should be given to the height, bust size and personality of the recipient. Some styles favor a voluptuous figure while others tend to enhance a more slender shape. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.
What should I consider when gifting an apron?
When considering an apron as a gift, one should factor what style might be suitable for the recipient. A quality of gift giving is factoring the likes of the person and their activities. The best results are achieved when the apron reflects the activities, likes and taste of the receiver. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.
How long is a vintage full coverage apron?
A full coverage apron of a particular decade can range between top of knee to mid-shin depending on height.
What is a cobbler apron?
Cobbler aprons are short aprons that provide coverage with less length.
How long is a vintage cobbler?
A vintage style cobbler usually covers to the mid- thigh. Cobblers of the 1950s tend to end a bit shorter as they are less boxy fitting (e.g. the 40s)
How long is a half or tea apron?
A half apron usually is 18” to 21” long. They tend to be a more decorative item used for serving purposes while entertaining.
How long is a hostess apron?
A hostess apron is shorter than a full cover apron usually topping at the mid- thigh or top of knee. Like an half apron is more decorative while entertaining. Usual length is approximately 21” to 23” depending on height of wearer.
How does a full coverage apron differ from a hostess apron?
A full coverage apron is utilitarian. Designed for doing a range of chores be it around the house or outside. Not limited to domestic activities.