Pride of New Rochelle

1960S was a decade of interesting changes both in society and the fabric of the American family. Rapid changes were occurring and it was an exciting time to be alive. America was a Camelot with a strong growing economy which caused a shift in conscious. Young people were exploring new ways of thinking that differed from the way their parents thought. A forking in the road between the old and the new began and there was a radical shift in perception that had been held as gospel. The youth consciousness was evolving.

This shift impacted every aspect of American life. The driving force was strong young energy. It was an exciting energy that nudged people to participate in some way. Interestingly enough, traditional values did remain pretty solid. Marriage was still a strong institution and home a priority. The American Dream of the home in the suburbs with a two car garage was strongly represented in mainstream media.

Growing up during this time felt amazing to me. I was a minority child living in an urban setting. Looking through magazines and watching television programs showed me a world beyond me. My parents were old school stable, married with five kids. Everyone in the neighborhood had five kids more or less. There was always someone for me and my brothers played with. We didn’t live in the suburbs, but we lived a good life. As with all things, there are pieces of the pie. As I look back, life seemed so simple. It really did. most of the mothers worked outside the home, but they all seem to be home in time to cook a full dinner for the kids. The air around five o’clock would be filled with the most delectable aromas. The area of my city that I lived in was chock full of ethnic neighborhoods. I remember riding my bike home at times practically drooling at the smells of various dishes carried on the wind. Such a tease it was, I pedaled faster to get home. Looking back, I can almost smell the deliciousness carried on the wind. Wow….. loving this stroll down memory lane.

Anyway, all that was a prelude to the story of a delightfully flirty apron called “The Pride of New Rochelle”. It was a style inspired by the energy of a character on the “Dick Van Dyke Show” named Laura Petrie. This program ran from 1961 until 1965 and was pretty popular. It was definitely one of my favorite Saturday night shows. It was funny in a refreshing way. Of course, I’m reflecting from an adult perspective, but I remember the pleasure I felt when I watched it. The story begins……

Laura Petrie- The Pride of New Rochelle

Dinah was a petite brunette with the long, shapely legs of a Las Vegas showgirl. Those years of dance lessons had paid off big time! Luke, her husband of seven years loved her legs and tight dancers body. He showed proud appreciation of her with she wore short skirts or shorts. He thought he was gifted with the hottest wife in their suburban neighborhood. He was crazy about her and it was mutual.

Tonight she had a special evening planned for him. She had sent the kids over to her moms for the weekend. It was going to be couple time for them. As she looked herself over in the mirror, she loved the way the black silk sheath dress hugged her body. It was walking magic on her toned body. On her way to the dining room, Dinah took down the new half apron she had bought for this evening.

Luke would be home soon and there would be a surprise when he walked in the door. Dinner would be quite the affair with Dinah serving his favorite dishes in her “Laura Petrie, Pride of New Rochelle” apron.

Laura Petrie: Pride of New Rochelle apron

Short, Flirty and energetic styling in delightfully exciting patterns.