1967 Everyone knows it’s Windy Apron


“Everyone Knows it’s Windy” – The Association was released in 1967 is a classic with it’s fresh energy. It speaks of girlish curiosity, flirtatious attitudes and high flying expectations of single women of age during this time. Young women were gradually moving away from traditional values. Not all of mother’s practices were tossed into a drawer. Aprons began to be restyled to be shorter and more sleek than the aprons worn by a previous generation of mothers. While the Windy apron is a trimmer fit it does provide exceptional coverage in a snappy stylish way. The efficient feel of this apron lends itself to a career minded woman with a big vision for herself. Popular 60s stars reflecting the new images were the gals of British series The Avengers. I daresay the most stunning assistant was Emma Peel played by Dame Diana Rigg. She was awesome!!! Absolutely spectacular in her style and carriage. She certainly proved an inspiring example for young women worldwide in the media.

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