Remembering holidays past

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As we enter another holiday season, I find myself remembering kitchen smells and visuals of women bustling in kitchens across the states. In days past aprons were an important staple garment for holiday meal preparation. My grandmother always wore aprons when she cooked…always. They were an essential in the kitchen as important as any pot or pan. We called my grandmother Mama and in retrospect, the name really fit her. She embodied old school Southern  pragmatism and stability. Mama wore unadorned half aprons with deep pockets and I remember they were always long like the prairie aprons the women wore when the West was being settled. Those deep pockets were fascinating to me as a child because they held a treasure trove of things to remedy different situations. When the pockets weren’t carrying soemthing, they were used to scoop up the apron to wipe a brow or dry a tear. Such are the memories an apron can represent. Amazing to me.

I taught American history for many years and aprons were an intriguing part of the American landscape from the begininning. I will discuss various aspects of this in future posts.

Thank you for your interest.

Many Holiday blessings